Imagine The Total Freedom … Freedom of Movement in All Directions … with Zero Emmission … just you eGliding in the Air Surrounded by a Pure Nature

    welcome to the World of Phoenix eGliding

About the eGlider

Ultralight Two-Seater Electric Glider Plane ePhoenix Concept Advantages

  • Low Weight – 350-470 kg typically
  • Electrical Engine is simpler and lighter then classical gasoline
  • Low running and maintenance cost
  • Zero emission and Environment friendliness
  • Low consumption due to the excellent gliding performance and smooth aerodynamic design


  • Batteries, batteries, batteries
  • The current ePhoenix is powered by LiPol batteries that provide about an hour of flight time / approximately 50-100km in flight distance.
  • Continuous fast development of electric energy sources may significantly increase the operation time and range in near future…we are just entering the age of electric planes
Design Features

The ePhoenix (D-14) is two seats purely electrically powered glider based on an ultralight motor glider U-15 Phoenix designed according to UL, LSA and CS-22 requirements with first flight in July 2009. More than 32 Phoenix airplanes mostly equipped with engine Rotax 912 have been manufactured to date with well proved flight characteristics and performance.

U-15 and D-14 Phoenix design priority is the maximum pilot and co-pilot safety.


All airplanes are equipped with:

  • Ballistic rescue system ( or
  • Carbon / Kevlar construction of fuselage (crew protection)
  • DYNAFOAM inside seats protecting against spinal injury in case of eventual hard landing

1000 miles over Czech Sky – August 2014
ePhoenix  completed a successful tour on a pioneer flight for the first pure electric flight around the Czech Republic. It flew more than 1000km with 20 stops where batteries were re-charged.

Trailer and Documentary film will be soon available on these pages

AERO Friedrichshafen 2013 and 2014

ePhoenix  was successfully introduced at AERO Friedrichshafen in 2013 and 2014. Positive references have been acknowledged by Prof. Dipl. Ing. Rudolf Voit Nitchman (project e-Genius) or excellent glider pilot Klaus Ohlmann (world record distance flight with glider –owner of motor powered U-15 Phoenix in France).


September 2011

Obrázek52nd Place of U-15 Rotax powered Phoenix at NASA/CAFE Green Flight Challenge Foundation Competition. Due to the combustible engine characteristics  Phoenix achieved 2nd place in “noise” competition, 3rd place in total.

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New Project
Trainer copy

ePhoenix eTrainer

  • Optimised Performance for Training Flights
  • Front Wheel
  • Wing Flaps (instead of flaperons)

Potential Usage

  • Low Cost Training Flights
  • Free Gliders Towing Capability